ABC has been helping to grow business’s in the Greater New Haven Area since 1967. ABC was started originally as one of the first offset printing companies in CT. Run at the time by Salvatore A Vadala and Josephine Vadala, ABC started with just the two of them and one printing press. With the knowledge of Offset printing that Salvatore learned in New York he took the company and grew it to a profitable printing company, while still raising 3 kids.

While running ABC Salvatore brought the company from a two person shop up to a five person+ printing company. The + is where the next generation of Vadala’s and ABC began. Since ABC was still a small printing shop but growing he needed help. The help came in the order of his family. Before we can legally say, the next owner of ABC was learning how to print.


Back when he was a young man Salvatore L. Vadala was being introduced into the printing field. Running jobs when needed and working the summers as a pressman gave him an appreciation for the trade. Knowing that Salvatore wanted to expand his horizons he went away for four years and received a management degree from Assumption College.


With the knowledge Salvatore had learned from his father and the information he learned from college, Salvatore started creating ABC to what it is today. Graduating in 1993 from Assumption was right when the computer age and the internet was becoming popular. The first stage of changing to a marketing company started in 1994.


In 1994, ABC starting purchasing computer for design work and for mailing. We started out with one designer and a small addressing machine. That was the beginning of the new ABC. From there we started increasing our capacity by enlarging our press sizes. We first went up to a 13×19 format and then shortly after grew to 19×16 format. This larger equipment and the employment of 2 other pressman and another graphic designer made us out grow many of our other machines. Constant updating of equipment has allowed us to stay on the cutting edge of equipment while also increasing our production capacity.


By 2004, ABC had grown to a full service graphic design, printing, mailing, and bindery facility. Due to many inquires from our customer base we then took the next step into the internet. ABC at that time produced our own email broadcasting company and started offering website design services as well. Back then things were easy, but now with the internet the way it is our customers once again asked us for help. Creating a website is one thing but being found on the internet is completely different. So ABC Marketing, on its quest to be a full service marketing company, started up its Search Engine Optimization Services.


At the start of 2016, ABC Marketing opened the doors of it's signs and wraps division in Cheshire. Partnering up with Aftermarket Specialties, the newley forged partnership created Gorilla Signs and Wraps.


To better serve you we now have 9 presses, complete bindery, a complete mailing facility, 2 graphic designers, 1 web developer, large format printing, a complete signs and vehicle wraps facility, and even our own email broadcasting company. Our goal is the same as always - to grow our company by growing yours.