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What is a Political Mailing?

Political Mail is an easy and cost-effective way to create material promoting political candidates, referenda, or campaigns. Political Mail may be sent from a political candidate, federal, state or local campaign committee, or political party. The Postal Service® is committed to providing you with the tools necessary to implement a successful political mail campaign.

Why use Political Mailing?

Direct Mail is one of the most powerful tools to get your message to voters. Your mailings will be:

  • Cost–effective by mailing to specific areas or addresses, and the format can be as inexpensive as a postcard.
  • Targetable by things such as household income, gender, and geographic location with Every Door Direct Mail®.
  • Personalized with messages and graphics to tell the story of your candidate or message.

Political Mailing Methods

Every Door Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a service from the Postal Service that allows you to mail to entire routes, as opposed to individual addresses. EDDM also allows campaigns to:

  • Target entire cities, ZIP codes, neighborhoods, or individual mail routes.
  • Avoid buying expensive address lists or sending mailings to people outside of your constituency.
  • Save money with low per-piece postage costs for a Standard Mail Flat, that still provides plenty of space for your message details.

First-Class Mail

Use First-Class Mail for things like personalized letters, fundraising invitations, or any communications with a personal touch. And when you pay for 1 oz, you may be able to get the second ounce free on automated or presort First-Class Mail.

Standard Mail

Standard Mail is ideal for sending postcards, printed flyers, advertisements, or newsletters. Certain restrictions apply, so review the guidelines to make sure your mailpiece is eligible.