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Available Types of Booklet Binding

At ABC Printing, we offer various methods of binding to suit your needs. Spiral (Comb), wire, coil, velo, tape, booklet, perfect, and hardcover binding options are all available to consider both your project and your budget. Other binding and finishing services that ABC Marketing can provide for your products include drilling custom sized holes in your product, glue padding for notepads, stapling, foil stamping for a touch of sophistication, and embossing for graphics and letters.

Spiral (Comb) Binding

Spiral binding is a flexible choice that allows your project to lay open flat. Available in any sizes and shapes, spiral is a cost effective way to present your materials in a professional manner.

Wire Binding

The double loop of wire binding provides a sturdier type of binding designed to last. With a wide printing professionals at ABC Marketing ensure your binding is always done right the first time.

Coil Binding

Coil is a popular choice of binding for those who need something sturdy to get through the post office. Coming in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, coil binding is a cost effective method of ensuring your projects look great from straight off the press all the way to your doorstep.

Velo Binding

Velo, or Sure binding, is a common choice for holding together thicker documents such as books or reports. Durable and permanent, velo binding is a very professional option that does not lay flat when opened.

Tape Binding

If you want a flexible binding that lays flat without needing holes punched in it, tape binding might be a good choice. Tape binding allows you to choose from a variety of colors to bind your smaller projects, and our experts at ABC Marketing will either apply it with pressure-sensitive or heat-activated adhesive to give you the best quality every time.

Booklet Binding

Booklet binding, also known as saddle stitch, is a very popular choice for small booklets. Staples are placed in the heart of the fold, creating a sturdy and very affordable method of binding that is guaranteed to last.

Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is the type of binding that you see on paperback novels. Strong and sophisticated, perfect binding is a definite option to get others to look at your books and reports seriously.

Hardcover Binding

Hardcover binding is exactly like what you see on a hardcover book. There are two types of hardcover binding; you can choose between stitched and channel. Stitched works for any size document and foil text is able to be printed on the cover and on the spine. Channel binding works for 8.5"x11" documents and has no foil printing options, but it is faster and more cost friendly. Book ‘jackets’ are an available option.