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Mail Merges

Mail Merges are the ability to variable graphics or variable text to your basic letter. It is more than just changing a salutation it making a customized letter for your recipients. This can range from in line text, pictures of products they have bought, to promotions that offer a different discount according to pervious purchases. ABC Marketing can help you with this process from beginning to end. Our Graphics team can help guide you on your offer/promotion, design the letter, and even help with follow ups. Please call or contact ABC Marketing for more information regarding our Mail Merge Services.

Variable Data

Variable Data printing has the highest rate of return out of all mailings. To personalized anything that is sent out or even delivered gives you an advantage. Variable data can be used on both images as well as text. At ABC Marketing we can create variable data runs that can change the color, images, and text according to the fields that we import. Always remember a great variable data job start with a great list, then call call ABC for the rest.